Founded in 1956, LATICRETE holds onto its roots in Connecticut where the company’s headquarters are located. The ethics and values of LATICRETE and Dr. Rothberg remain prevalent throughout the company to this day. Dr. Rothberg’s sons, David and Henry, continue to lead the company into new and exciting directions. In fact, the company now also has third generation family members involved, making it a truly family company. 

The original products invented by Dr. Rothberg are called LATICRETE 4237 Latex Admixture and LATICRETE 211 Crete Filler, both still offered in the LATICRETE product range to this day and popular in certain parts of the world.

Since its founding, LATICRETE has introduced many groundbreaking innovations to the industry, including:

  • the first latex thin-set adhesive,

  • the first load-bearing acoustic underlayment system, 

  • the first cement based epoxy resin, 

  • the first liquid-applied waterproofing membrane, 

  • the first 100% solids epoxy resin grout and industrial strength epoxy grout, 

  • the first industry website, 

  • the first toll free technical services support and live chat, 

  • the first industry achievement of low-VOC GREENGUARD certification, and 

  • the first manufacturer in the industry to achieve ISO-9001 accreditation. 

Innovation is what drives us. LATICRETE believes whole-heartedly in investments in new technology, new markets and most importantly, in people. Get to know LATICRETE, our people, our values and our 60+ years of innovative products.


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