New products and new brands to the market

Here at Fused Adhesives our ambition and number one goal is to supply professional products for the tiling trade at trade prices. We are working with leading manufacturers and are bringing you state of the art products that help contractors deliver the results needed to run a profitable business. Just launched to our market is the alferpro range which is set to drive massive growth to our industry in the Luxury tile trim, Isolation mat and drainage mat sectors. We have the full catalogue of products available to order in store. In stock we have the full 30m2 isolation mats. These new mats are distinctive with the Magenta colour (not pink!!) We've already had great feedback from tile contractors via Tilers World Talk Group on instagram and facebook. It's great to see new products unveiling updated versions and revolutionary designs to the market. Fused Adhesives is at the forefront of new technology, tilers test and showcase all new products for us on instagram on our behalf for product transparency.

With Apparel driving lots of sales amongst contractors in the USA and Europe

more than ever are people wanting to wear fashionable trade branded apparel. AVIA GROUP has launched tileLifeApparel which is now sold worldwide and tile contractors across the globe are showing the range off in their tile videos Facebook, Instagram, tiktok profiles posts, feeds and stories. tileLifeApparel has also had request from other sectors of the construction industry and is now making a range for other trades using the LifeApparel logo. For example scaffLife for scaffolders, sparkyLife for electricians etc. Now more than ever small business are influencing the world and using cool apparel is one of the ways they are building followers.

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