Wood effect allows for the charm and typical naturalness of wood guaranteeing the aesthetics continuity and functionality of wood effect tiles. 
Water-based resins for waterproof and stain-proof grouting of ceramic, porcelain tiles, natural stones and glass mosaic. The grouts were developed exclusively by Kerakoll GreenLab laboratories and allow you to work in maximum safety guaranteeing maximum workability, final performance and ease of cleaning from dirt, maintaining aesthetic perfect, healthy surface protected from mould and bacteria. Fugalite Bio and Fugalite  Bio Parquet, the innovative water-based resins for waterproof and stain-proof grouting on every surface.

Kerakoll Fugalite Bio is a water-based hypo-allergenic resin for waterproof, stain-proof, silk-effect grouting of porcelain tiles, natural stones and glass mosaic. Can be used on internal and external walls and floors, and is Catas-tested for colour durability in external applications. Approved for marine use.

Kerakoll Fugalite Bio is a two-part grout and adhesive, composed of a 1.77 kg coloured paste (Part A) and a 1.01 kg liquid. Each unit is 3kg total weight.

Kerakoll Fugalite Bio is suitable for joints from 0 – 5mm in width. Do not use on joints more than 5 mm in width, or on porous flooring for which more specific or alternative chemical resistances are required compared with those listed in the chemical resistances table, to grout elastic expansion or fractionizing joints or on substrates that are not fully dry and subject to moisture rising. Use the grout calculator below to estimate how much grout you will need for your application. You will need details such as tile size and thickness, joint width and the area size to gain an accurate estimate.

Fuga lite Bio Parquet