Full pallet 54 bagsPalace Easi-SetEASI-SET is a semi-rapid, polymer modified, flexible floor and wall tile adhesive available in White & Grey and giving the fixer extended working time for projects where extensive cutting and setting out time is needed. EASI-SET has a working pot life of up to 2 hours and sets to allow light foot traffic & grouting to proceed just 6 hours after application. It will fix ceramic, porcelain, vitrified and natural stone tiles and the extended pot life gives the fixer more time when setting out mosaics & more complex tiling patterns. EASI-SET meets the performance requirements of EN12004 C2TE-S1 and is suitable for areas where slight movement or vibration is anticipated, or over surfaces where sub-floor heating is installed.Working Pot-Life up to 2 hoursWalk on and grout after 6 hoursPolymer fortified to S1 standardFixes Porcelain, Mosaics & Natural stoneFor fixing on heated sub-floors

Full pallet Palace Easi Set Semi rapid Grey