Hardie Backer board is a light, easy to use, no mesh, cement board for use under tiles and suitable for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms. The 6mm tile backer boards can easily be cut to size by scoring and snapping, and cuts cleanly to allow tight alignment. Provides outstanding mold and moisture resistance with its unique formula and Moldblock® technology, and allows excellent tile adhesion.

HardieBacker® 500 cement board is designed for walls, floors and countertops.
This product is 6mm thick and is the strongest and lightest cement board on the market, holding 200kg/m² (as opposed to 32kg/m² for plasterboard).
The product's thinness ensures minimal additional build-up to the floor, maintaining ceiling heights and smoother transitions between rooms.
Featuring the unique, recessed EZ® grid fastener pattern, it's simple to cut and install.
Formulated with James Hardie's proprietary cement formulation and featuring Mouldblock™ technology, it's water resistant and has a mesh free construction, ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and steam rooms. 
This backboard contains no paper facing, which can become mouldy, or gypsum, which can disintegrate with continuous exposure to moisture.
The HardieBacker® manufacturing process ensures dimensional stability even when exposed to water for prolonged periods.
Its unique formulation ensures a strong bond with all the leading tile adhesives.
Boards measure 1200 x 800 x 6mm.
Product code: 012634
Brand: James Hardie
Weight (kg): 9.8
Accessory Type: Hardiebacker
Tools & Accessories size: 0.8mx1.2mx6mm

Hardiebacker 1200x800x6mm