PALACE FLOW-LEVEL is a 2-part (bag & bottle) floor levelling compound ideal for use when preparing sub-floors to receive decorative floor coverings where it is essential that the smoothest possible level surface finish is achieved prior to laying decorative floor finishes such as vinyl, laminate, parquet, carpet underlay and ceramic tiles. Receiving substrates include sand/cement screeds, concrete, plywood, tile backer boards, flooring grade asphalt, anhydrite screeds* Epoxy DPMs, rigid steel decking and existing ceramic & porcelain tiles.

  • Fast Drying – ready to walk on after 90 minutes
  • High Flow easy levelling to a super smooth finish
  • Readily bonds to most common sub-floors without priming
  • Can be laid over pre-existing stable adhesive residues
  • Can be laid from 2mm up to 12mm bed depth
  • Suitable for use with heated sub- floors and plywood overlay


Palace Flow Level 48 bags and bottles