PALACE SELF-LEVEL is a protein free cement-based, sub-floor smoothing underlayment that has been formulated to provide a consistently level finish to solid sub-floors prior to laying ceramic or decorative floor coverings, giving a consistently level screed from a 2mm up to 12mm thick. PALACE SELF-LEVEL incorporates specially blended cements, finely grade sands and organic super-plasticisers, which with the addition of correctly gauged water gives the ideal properties for application to masonry-based floor surfaces such as tamped or worn concrete and sand/cement floor screeds. On non-porous floors such as mastic asphalt, plywood, dense concrete, existing tiles and painted or sealed surfaces, PALACE SELF-LEVEL powder should be mixed with PALACE SELF-LEVEL LATEX to give improved adhesion to the substrate and allows the product to be used on floors where under-tile heating is to be specified.
High Flow fast levelling to a super smooth finish.
Takes foot traffic after 4 hours & tiling after 8 hours.
Levels from 2mm up to 12mm in a single application.
Can be mixed with water or Palace Self Level Latex.
Use Floor Screed latex for heated sub-floors.
Protein & ammonia free low odour formulation

Palace Self Level x48 bags x48 bottles Full pallet