The substrate must be flat,clean and dry, adequately load bearing and free from material which may prevent bond of the adhesive.The tile adhesive must bond to the substrate,  and anchor mechanically to the fabric on the underside of the uncoupling membrane. The type of bonding adhesive used to apply the uncoupling membrane depends on the type of substrate. For most substrates, a premium modified thin set mirror is recommended. We recommend Laticrete 335r which is C2FTE-S1Apply the Laticrete 335r to the substrate using a 6mm trowel (6x6) square notched trowel.Laticrete covers 8m2 approximately when using a 6mm trowel.Used for floor tile installations, our Uncoupling Membrane is designed to neutralise tensions between the flooring substrate and tiles.Available in 30m rollsAnti CrackingWaterproofAbsorbs Movement

PROTOOLS Uncoupling Membrane 30m2

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