Tilemaster FineFlow 3000 is a fast setting, free flowing self levelling and smoothing compound. The specially formulated powder gives the product exceptional flow and smoothing properties, and is designed to give an excellent surface finish.

Tilemaster FineFlow 3000 can be applied from featheredge - 20mm in one application and receive foot traffic after 3 hours.

Tilemaster FineFlow 3000 is the ideal choice for levelling solid substrates. It has excellent flow and adhesion properties making it suitable for a wide range of both commercial and domestic applications.

Tilemaster FineFlow 3000 is suitable for use over a wide range of substrates including sand/cement screeds, concrete, flooring grade asphalt/bitumen, ceramic, porcelain and terrazzo tiles and epoxy damp proof membranes.

Tilemaster FineFlow 3000 is also ideal for encapsulating electric underfloor heating elements on solid substrates and for use over underfloor heated screeds.

Tilemaster FineFlow 3000 is fast setting, meaning ceramic tiles can be installed after as little as 3 hours, and decorative floor coverings can be installed after 24 hours.

COVERAGE: 20kg will cover 4.2m2 at 3mm thickness




Install tiles after 3 hours and decorative floor coverings after 24 hours
Apply from featheredge – 20mm in one application
Excellent flow and self levelling properties
Ideal for use above underfloor heating systems
No additives required – simply mix with water
Low odour
Protein free

Sand/Cement Screed
Electric Underfloor Heating
Water/Wet System
Underfloor Heating
Tile Backer Boards
Existing Ceramic, Porcelain and
Natural Stone Tiles*
Flooring Grade Asphalt & Bitumen*
Anhydrite Screeds
Existing Vinyl Tiles*
Epoxy DPM*

Tilemaster Fine Flow 3000 Free Flowing Heavy Duty Self Levelling Compound 20kg