40 Bag & bottle pallet

Tilemaster Super Flow 30 is an ultra-rapid setting and drying, high performance latex based two-part self-levelling floor compound that employs advanced binder system technology, providing an underlayment where a fast-track solution is required. The specially formulated powder component is mixed with the pre-gauged, protein free polymer latex liquid, giving a free-flowing, shrinkage compensated self-levelling floor compound.

Tilemaster Super Flow 30 has excellent flow and adhesion properties making it suitable for a wide range of both commercial and domestic applications. These unique properties ensure that Tilemaster Super Flow 30 can be used with confidence without the need to prime the large majority of substrates. Tilemaster Super Flow 30 is suitable for use over a wide range of substrates including sand/cement screeds, concrete, flooring grade asphalt/bitumen, ceramic, porcelain and terrazzo tiles, rigid steel, moisture tolerant old adhesive residues, epoxy damp proof membranes and plywood.

Once mixed, Tilemaster Super Flow 30 will remain workable for 10 – 15 minutes and it will accept light foot traffic after 30 minutes in ideal conditions. Decorative floor coverings can be installed after 90 minutes and ceramic tiles can be applied after 45 – 60 minutes. Tilemaster Super Flow 30 can be applied from depths of 2mm – 15mm in one application.

PACK SIZES: 20kg, 4.5litre

COLOURS: Beige, White


Install decorative floor coverings after 90 minutes and ceramic tiles after 45-60 minutes
Apply directly to a DPM within 24 hours without priming
Suitable for use over old adhesive residues including bitumen
Moisture tolerant - can be used below a DPM
Excellent flow and self-levelling properties
Excellent adhesion properties without priming most substrates
Ideal for use above underfloor heating systems
Ideal for timber substrates
Low odour
Protein free

Sand/cement screed
Plywood Overlay (6mm min)
Electric Underfloor Heating
Water / Wet System Underfloor Heating
Tile Backer Boards
Existing Ceramic, Porcelain and Natural Stone Tiles
Flooring Grade Asphalt & Bitumen
Anhydrite Screeds
Existing Vinyl Tiles
Steel/Metal Surfaces
Epoxy DPM
Existing Adhesive Residues
Green Screed

Tilemaster Super Flow 30 Ultra-Rapid Set High Performance 2-Part Smoothing Compo